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So today, i want to talk to you about pain while getting a tattoo and how to deal with it!

But first of all let me explain what is happening while you are getting tattooed!


As you see in the diagram we insert the tattoo needles in the space between epidermis and dermis where is a more stable area for the ink to stay... we dont tattoo higher because the kerayinocytes aka the keratin of our skin will flake off the tattoo! Thats why you have this peeling off the first week after a new tattoo.We also dont go deeper because then the ink will go to the subcutaneous fat tissue and will spread having a blow out as you can see in the picture below...

So this was a summary of whats happening when you get a new tattoo under a skin!

It is a non harmful proccedure but is still considered as a micro surgery so for your own good always trust certified professional artists to do the job!


Pain is the biggest fear for us all when we get a new tattoo! As you already saw in the chart at the start of the post there are places which hurt more either because this area has more nerves passing by or even because you are just more sensitive in this area!

Pain tolerance is something unique and it differs for every individual! So this pain chart is an average estimation.

There are a lot of ways to deal with pain and here is what you can do!

1. 2 days before your tattoo take naturaly 2000mg of vitamin C by consuming fruits and fresh juices.

One of the vast properties of Vitamin C is that makes the skin more elastic and healthy and that really helps when the day comes.

2. Drink at least 3 lt water per day! Water keeps us healthy! Our skin is the biggest organ of your body it helps so our skin stays healthy and moisture and make the tattoo process easier!

3.The day before your tattoo it is strongly reccomended to have a healthy light breakfast so no eggs and sausages for you ! An orange juice and a nice bowl of cereals are your allies!

4.Sleep well the day before you get a tattoo!

A good sleep helps us removes all the toxines from our body and produces Cortisol which helps us to have a good mood!


I cant stress enough how important is not to drink the night before! Having to deal with a hangover its already a stress for our body and not a good combination with the tattoo proccess! Also the alcohol stays for long time in our body makes the blood thiner and causes more bleeding while you get tattooed! Of course you dont come to the studio intoxicated ! No serious tattoo studio will accept you under the influence of drugs or alcohol!

6. NO DRUGS ! No! Weed doesnt help you with the pain while you get tattoo and actually it makes things worse because it raises your heartbeats and therefore your stress levels.


Pain is the natural alert of our body that something wrong is happening and we have to take action!

In our case tattooing it is not something that will harm you if it is performed by a professional! So unless you are getting tattooed by a cousin of a friend in a kitchen there is no reason to panic!

Deal with it as a natural sensation and believe me after 10 minutes you can relax and enjoy this unique experience!

For the end of today's post i want to assure you that all of us professionals we have as our main priority to make your experience as less painful as possible and we are trained to assist you and help you in any way possible !

May the Force be with you! KURO.

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