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Life like drawing….


If you think this is a post about drawing then i suggest you to close the page immediately.

Whenever i sit down to draw i look at the blank,vast,white page, my brain synapses start firingn trying to translate my thoughts to kinetic energy in my fingers and this is how an artist starts with a sketch which will eventually become a design or a painting or a sculpure or whatever materialistic or not creation stems from the artistic mind.

And there are lot of times that what my mind thinks a good idea.. when i see it drawn on the paper turns out to be not so good or at least nothing that satisfies my taste .. it is what we say “this is not what i had in my mind”.

Bare with me.

When an artist has to deal with a problem like that there are 2 solutions (at least for me).

First one is to erase it and start the creative thinking process and try to make something else.

Second one to keep a part of the design that fascinates me, erase the rest and try to create something new including the element from the old design.

And if you think about this whole process it is an imitation of life and interaction with others.

The blank page is the endless possibilities.

Everything we can do and everyone we can interact. And the thinking process is the mindset of doing new stuff or meeting people and it applies to everything from finding a new hobby to form a new human relationship.

And of course in the beginning we think that what we have in our mind it will work out in our favor.. so we start drawing in the canvas of life and then we see that what we planned or created ”it is not what we had in mind” ;)

the new hobby turns out to be boring.. a friend who we believed in and gave energy turned out to give us the cold shoulder, a relationship which went south…

Unfortunately as humans and I consider this one of our sins we dont accept the reality.

We tend to stay attached in this design which doesn’t look nice but our ego blinds us…

imagine me or any other artist being pissed of because the doodles i made dont look as i thought they would…

Isn’t that a funny and weird thing to see?

So why we do the same in our life?

Why we dont follow one of the at least 2 solutions ?

Erase, forget , forgive and move on to the white canvas with the endless possibilities…

or the second one … keep the element that makes us wiser and move on..?

Life is like a drawing which isn’t made yet and we are the artist in our lives…

we just have to draw the right one for us…


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