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Choosing the BEST TATTOO for YOU!

Choosing the best tattoo for yourself may be sometimes a tedious experience which also may lead you to regret the tattoo you have done...

Here are some tips and advices that will help you to choose the best artist for you and a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life!


Going to a studio and speaking with an artist having a foggy idea in your mind will serve no good neither for you or for the artist!

Before visiting the studio, think what you want to have exactly but be open for improvement and recommendations from the artist of your choice!


A common problem that me and all of the tattoo artists face nowadays is the "Control Freaks''...

Maybe the term sound radical or maybe insulting, but let me explain!

When you choose an artist it means that you have checked his art through his folder in the studio or you follow her/him on instagram...

I can assure you that the designs you liked from them and made you pick them for your tattoo, are the designs which they created freely in the part of creativity.

You are our alive canvases and our creations will walk with you in the world so we really want you to have the best result!

A good tattoo artist will never cut corners!

A good tattoo artist sees thousands designs every day!

A good tattoo artist will take the seed of your idea and let it bloom!

A good tattoo artist will deny to do a tattoo that its not his style because she or he knows that will not perform at the 100%

A good artist will explain you politely everything you need to know

So let the artists create and try not to set boundaries because then the result will be amazing and i can assure you for that!


Being a good customer always comes with perks!

A good customer will get better prices and little presents from the tattoo artists like prints and tshirts and cool stickers BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT!

You will create an amazing bond and happy memories with the person who will create art on your skin and these people you will remember them for ever!

A good customer knows what he wants BUT he is open to suggestions!

A good customer is willing to trust!

A good customer respects the private hours of the tattoo artists... keep your amazing idea for next day and dont text your artist at 3:00 AM

A good customer must be sincere!

A good customer makes a good research for an artist.

A good customer puts the quality of the tattoo above the price of the tattoo.

A good customer comes at the appointment on time and before that must have taken a shower and be clean.

A good customer takes good care of their tattoos!

So next time you decide to have a tattoo take this little things in consideration and dont forget!

Art is Creation, it is love for life and unity so let us give you an amazing experience that will put a smile on your face when you see your tattoo on the mirror.

Cheers KURO.

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