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Today I want to talk about a topic and share my thoughts about the uniqueness of your tattoos and I want to start with the most distinctive personal experience of mine.

Couple of years ago Susanna Würz a famous blogger from Austria came to me and asked for some nice leaves tattoo with a small dragonfly on her arm.

Ofcourse for a tattoo artist this is a very simple task for a tattoo and when the day came i “freehanded” the leaves and tattooed her!

Susanna of course, was very kind to mention my name at her blog and connect the link to my Instagram !

All these years I get requests from all over the world from girls, to send them the design so their tattoo artist can copy it on their arm and all these years, I try to make them understand that first of all it is not nice to copy other people’s art, second there is no design because I made it freehand so the design follows the shape of Susannas arm at this case and third! There are just some fucking simple leaves there is nothing to copy about!

So just to explain through this experience what happens is that all these girls from Brazil to Australia that contacted me they look up to Susanna and they want to be like Susanna either because they like her lifestyle, or her style or her blogpost and her views in life and that’s not bad! Who am I to judge? But they miss the most important part ... Susanna is unique.. and you are unique as me and as the 7 billion people in this planet.

It is in our human nature to idolize people,

it is in our nature to look up to people and try be like them but it is not the appearance of our idols that makes them unique, but their stance in life and this is what I am trying to pass on my customers mindset.


As a person, I always look up other artists on Pinterest or Instagram and I always draw inspiration from Artists that I admire!

And this is healthy because art is interconnected! From personal experiences and things we admire but personaly I would never never copy another’s artist’s work...

So my advice to you all, is that when you do research for your next tattoo, find things you like but use them only as a reference! TRUST your artist let her/him to create something UNIQUE that you and only you will be carrying on your body! Something that will reflect your style and your OWN personality! And never forget... tattoos are the least important means of showing your personality.. your life and your action reflects who you really are but it is a visual presentation of your uniqueness so don’t be afraid to be yourself don’t be afraid and insecure to be you...


Cheers KURO.

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